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......ശ്രീ ഗോപാലകൃഷ്ണ ഭട്ട് പുതിയ ഡി.പി.ഐ.......ഷീലാ ദീഷിത്ത് കേരളത്തിന്റെ ഇരുപത്തിരണ്ടാമത് ഗവര്‍ണര്‍.......SSLC മോഡൽ പരീക്ഷ മാര്‍ച്ച് 10 മുതൽ

Friday, August 2, 2013


       One of the greatest dramatist of the last century was honoured by the English club of Govt. HSS Elampa through a variety of programme on the playwright's birthday (26th July). It was a walk down the memory lane for the teachers of English and a memorable experience for the students of the English club. Shaw became a talking point among the students and teachers when the club members in pair group gave an account of the life of the playwright and his important works in every classroom. A chart exhibition showcasing the life and works of Shaw was an added glitter. The highlight of the day was the film show, Pygmalion, a notable dramatic work of Shaw. The programme was originally intended to introduce Shaw to the students and teachers. But it left an indelible imprint on the minds of everyone about the Great dramatist and his works.

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